Classified Booking V6 – Enterprise deployment is now even easier. With Version 6, a browser based user interface, using AJAX technologies, allows fast and accurate ad taking with rapid queries. From the most complex contract rating schedule to simple rate card ad bookings, Pongrass has every feature required by a modern newspaper or magazine. (download English  | Arabic | Chinese pdf)

Classified Pagination – Pongrass Classified Pagination is the most versatile pagination solution for classified ad sections on the market. With the introduction of Version 7, Pongrass adds a host of new features including native PDF support and double page spreads. Operating on Windows 7 or Vista, the program supports Pongrass Classified Ad booking system as well as 3rd party ad booking systems via an open system interface or database connection. (download English | Arabic | Chinese pdf)


Display Ad Booking System – Pongrass Display Ad Booking is a PC based solution running on Industry standard hardware and SQL database. As with all the Pongrass applications the single database solution gives total integration between booking, dummying, Ad tracking and editorial. An unrivaled offering for our users. All Pongrass applications including our extensions are developed by us for a true single vendor solution. (download English | Arabic | Chinese pdf)

AdLayout – Pongrass AdLayout is the page planning tool to produce tight and visually pleasing editions in record time. AdLayout supports complex booking requests to satisfy even the most demanding advertiser. Left or Right-hand page requests, group, not-near and more are all considered by the advanced placement engine. (download English | Arabic | Chinese pdf)

Pongrass Ad Loader – Pongrass Ad Loader automatically loads the Ad dummy from the Pongrass Database into your InDesign™ editorial pages.  (download English |Arabic | Chinese pdf)

Juggler Ad Tracking – Integration a reality. Juggler integrates with all aspects of the sales, booking and production process. Your sales staff will appreciate the automatic generation and email transmission of proof files. Booking staff will appreciate the direct communication with production process. (download English | Arabic | Chinese pdf)

Ad Archive -The Advertising Archiving is a key addition to the Pongrass Version 6 Advertising system. Archiving shares the same browser based interface as News Archive with the same zero installation design.(download pdf)


Editorial – An Editorial System with the accent on simplicity and performance. Easy to install and easy to maintain, a system to suit InDesign™ users from the smallest workgroup to the largest enterprise system. (download pdf)

News Editor – The Pongrass News Editor uses a standard web browser with no local program required. News Editor is fully featured and enables the same program to be used in the newsroom or remotely from any location with internet access. (download pdf)

Editorial Archive – A key addition to the Pongrass Version 6 Editorial System is our fully integrated archiving and retrieval system. It shares the same browser based interface as News Editor with the same zero installation design. (download pdf )


Management Console – A real time reporting and monitoring tool designed for newspaper management. Up to the minute status and reports are now available from any standard web browser. (download pdf)

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable System – Pongrass Accounts Receivable System was designed specifically for newspapers and magazines. Transient ad billing, interface to circulation, production and editorial systems ensure accurate billing and comprehensive management reporting. (download pdf)

To download pdfs of the products you will require Adobe Acrobat Reader